Feb 27, 2010


FriENds arE fuNNy. FrIenDS CAn bE FReakY. FrieNds aRe alwAYS THEre. FrieNDs wiLL Be tHEre FOr yoU whEN YOu nEEd thEM. FRIends liSTen. FrienDS mAKe you lauGH sO harD yOu crY. FriEnds fAcE The faCTS. FrieNDS aRe AN impORTant facTOR iN oUR lIVes. ThEY wILl nEveR LEt uS Be a fAILure. FrIENds wON't LEt You faDE aWAy fROm beING yOu. ThEY aLWAys HAve faITH iN yoU. They'RE neVEr FAke oR fraUD. FriENdS mAy bE fAR AWay , bUT thEY're aLWays cLOse aT hEArt. FrIEnds ArE fORevER, lIKe yoU aNd mE. ..

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